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Capture Express

Capture Express is a program that allows you to take screenshots
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Capture Express is a program that allows you to take any kind of screenshots. You can choose to capture your whole screen, or only a section of it.
Whether you are looking to capture a specific window, your whole screen or an object, then Capture Express lets you do it. You can choose from several forms, such as diamonds, rectangles, circles, stars, etc.
This utility provides a wide variety of screenshots not only in an easy and simple way, but also has a few options which are very useful. You can set a hotkey and a default configurations for it, set automatic screencaptures and choose to repeat those captures after a few minutes, you'll also be able to choose from up to 5 image formats, plus a whole bunch of other options, like customizing its appearance, printing or compressing an image, and even sending out captures to emails(it even includes an built-in address book) among other features.
Regarding the user interface and look and feel, Capture Express is actually very simple and well-organised, which makes it more attractive to user's eye. Once you run the program, just choose what kind of capture you desire, shaped, screen window, etc. select the delay time for the screenshot, then click on the capture button and that's all!
Once you get your capture, you'll have the option to discard it, print it, send it to a friend, copy it to the clipboard, or save it as a file.
Capture Express is small and effective, the interface could be a bit more attractive, but still that's a small drawback once you start exploring the capabilities of the program. This software gets the job done in no time.

Tomas O'Rourke
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  • Lots of options for capturing.
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